Accepting goodbyes

Goodbye. What a word.

All of us have had in some point in our lives to say goodbye to something or someone.

I don’t pretend to include in this thought the loss of a beloved one’s life, for that is exactly “a loss”, not a choice of change. I’m referring to ending cycles in your life. Some people manage to keep their lives pretty steady, but that’s not my case, not at this point of my life and not soon to be as well, for sure.

The word goodbye in English it has “good” in it. In Portuguese (adeus) has the word “deus”, which means god. When you look at it, even though I’m not religious, both are words associated to hope. So how bad can a goodbye be?

I’ve had to say so many goodbyes so far. Goodbye to school, goodbye to college, goodbye to Portugal, goodbye to Barcelona, goodbye to jobs, goodbye to some sports, goodbye to many friends, goodbye to romances, goodbye to many places, goodbye to many events. But I truly believe one should not be afraid of goodbyes. Goodbyes hold hands with Hellos. Big Hellos to different experiences.  Denying the correct timing of a goodbye and letting it drag will certainly become a burden, so one needs to breath, relax and look forward for what will come next.

In physics, there is a term named “Inertia” that most likely everyone has heard about. That’s the tendency of an object in motion to maintain its current speed. That’s natural resistance to change. And that’s also applicable to human lives, from my point of view. A life in motion has the tendency to resist change and as such, goodbyes seem to be incredibly difficult.

This thought comes obviously for a reason: I’m currently living in a “goodbye” mode. I’ve been living in Mozambique for over 4 years and I’m scheduled to leave the country in less than 1,5 months. Its so little time. I already feel nostalgic. But I see this goodbye vibe as very positive. Everything to me has more meaning. The colors are more bright, the landscapes are more incredible, the people are more pure and the moments are more authentic. My home, my friends, my local projects, my job, it is all part of me. I’m preparing to leave, but I’m also excited to say hello to whatever will come in my future.

Accepting a goodbye demands work. But allows as well to let in new experiences. Cheers to that!

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