Hi, I’m Bárbara!

I love to travel, read, dance, kitesurf and share stories and experiences.

I was born and raised in Lisbon (Portugal) but have been living abroad for over 5 years. Just after turning 24 years old, I moved to Barcelona (Spain), an 1 year afterwards moved again, to Maputo (Mozambique). After 4 wonderful years in Africa, I’ve recently started a new adventure, this time in Australia!

In between my different residency countries, I’ve also traveled as much as I could for pure leisure to very interesting spots. The purpose of this blog is sharing some thoughts, stories and life experiences, mainly regarding traveling and if possible, to provide useful travel guides.

One thing is for sure, one needs to leave their comfort zone to really enjoy the great things this world has to offer. Just by letting yourself out there you’ll find you’ll develop a few skills you would never dream it was in your power to have.

Hope you enjoy.